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Williams Fire Log - an Environmentally Friendly Company

Did you know that few products besides Fire Logs make better use of recycled industrial waste - in this case sawdust and petroleum wax? Using sawdust from wood-manufacturing operations prevents it from going into landfills. Studies show that fire logs can burn far more cleanly than wood, with half the smoke and as much as 69 percent less particulate matter and 88 percent less carbon monoxide. The William's Fire Log is environmentally friendly.

Have you been looking more for ambience than heat? Fire Logs are good for home gatherings, romantic evenings, and for breaking the chill, even in California. While a crackling wood fire has a certain Currier & Ives appeal, more and more homeowners are discovering the beauty of what might be called a controlled burn. Our Logs are all this and more.

Did you ever wonder if there were ways to add color to the fire in your fire place? Check out Dancing Colored Discs. These color the flames in Aqua, Greens, and Blues all in one Disc.

We also have products such as "Quick Start" blocks - starting wood fires fast, Fire Log Starters - the quickest easiest and cleanest way to start a difficult fire, and "Tiki-Lamps" - the Wickless candle, not only a decoration but also a bug chaser. You can see all of these on our products page.

Enjoy your stay - It's that easy!

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Fire Starters,Quick Start,Tiki,Lamps,Logs,Birch,Dancing Color Discs
Fire Starters,Quick Start,Tiki,Lamps,Logs,Birch,Dancing Color Discs

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